HEALTH CENTRE

Delivering Quality Care

Patients seek high-quality care services anytime, anywhere, and at affordable costs. This calls for a connected, always-on, patient-centric delivery model, which is driving healthcare players to rewire their operations and build cross-industry ecosystems. These solutions provide intelligent, connected, and personalized care, sharpening the focus on the most important entity in the healthcare equation—the patient. 

 Codechimp is a suite of modern and open technology platforms for clinical research and drug development that helps make clinical trials more agile and safe. 

Unlock the power of Codechimp Customer Intelligence & Insights™ to empower your organization to deliver real-time, personalized UX that are relevant and connected.

Codechimp ERP on Cloud platform, built around SAP S/4 HANA Core, provides real-time insights for informed decisions and helps accelerate digital transformation.